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在圣. Stephen’s in Austin TX, what happens outside the classroom is just as important as what happens inside. 从 athletics, to travel abroad, to student clubs 和 organizations, our students engage in activities that shape well-rounded individuals, bring the school community together, 和 connect kids to the world at large.

Physical activity plays a key role in student life, whether through recreational or competitive athletics. Our students participate in team 和 individual sports at some of the finest facilities in the Southwest. St. Stephen’s fields teams in football, 棒球, field hockey, track basketball, 网球, 高尔夫球, volleyball, cross-country, 长曲棍球, soccer 和 swimming, with teams competing in the Southwest Preparatory Conference.

And our comprehensive 跳舞 outdoor wilderness programs offer even more ways for students to get physical. For students seeking to pursue 和 further their creative talents, opportunities abound in the visual arts, 音乐, 跳舞, 剧院 电影. These include an advanced 电影 program, an intensive Theatre Focus program, a student 跳舞 company, as well as 合唱 instrumental student ensembles. Student works are exhibited in an on-campus art gallery 和 our modern performing arts facility hosts both student 和 professional performances.
登机 和 day students can explore 和 pursue their interests in dozens of clubs 和 organizations devoted to fine arts, debate 和 quiz competitions, journalism, 政治, peer tutoring, community service, 和 international culture, to name a few. 它是St。. Stephen’s tradition to be active 和 involved.

St. Stephen's has some great traditions — some serious, some less so — that have developed over the life of the school. So there’s no shortage of fun activities 和 enriching cultural experiences either, for boarding 和 day students alike. Some of these include Spartan Film Festival, the ISAS 美术 Festival, local 剧院 和 音乐 performances, 和 school-sponsored service trips abroad. There is, however one experience that is hard to find at St. Stephen’s: boredom.

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